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Canberra Airport and Parking Services

Previously named as Canberra International Airport, Canberra Airport serves the capital city and it is the eighth busiest airport in Australia. Although it is a Designated International Airport, only domestic flights are presently served. However, the airport is continuously being redeveloped. The Main Terminal is currently undergoing restructuring, which is estimated to be completed in November 2013.

Airport Facilities

Canberra Airport is divided into four major areas: the general aviation facility and the passenger terminal, the Brindabella Business Park, which houses office buildings, the Fairbairn that handles VIP and military flights, and the Majura Park.

The major airlines serving the Canberra Airport are Brindabella Airlines, which fly to Newcastle; Qantas, QantasLink, Virgin Australia, which all fly to Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney, and Skywest Airlines. The busiest routes are Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide.

A scenic view of the runway and gardens can be seen from The Atrium, the airport centrepiece that separates the two wings of the structure. The Southern Concourse was completed in 2010 and it is being used mainly by Qantas airlines. Here, you will find The Qantas Club, The Qantas Chairman's Lounge and The Qantas Business Class Lounge. Prior to the airport's redevelopment, the Qantas Terminal was located on the western section of the structure. The former western building was demolished in 2011 to begin the reconstruction of the new Western Concourse.

The Western Concourse was completed in March 2013 and is being shared by Virgin Australia and Brindabella Airlines. It also houses the Virgin Lounge and The Club. There are also areas designated for customs, immigration and quarantine facilities, which will be used when the airport is opened for international flights.

To and From the Airport

You can reach Canberra Airport by private car, rental car or cab. The Canberra Airport provides parking spaces and services for vehicles. You can also take a bus through Airport Express, operated by Royale Limousines in Canberra city.

Airport Parking

For passenger pickup, free parking bays are provided for vehicles that will not stay longer than 10 minutes. For everyone else who needs parking, the car park facilities at Canberra Airport open at 5:00am daily and close 30 minutes after the last scheduled flight arrives.

Two sets of parking rates are offered in Canberra Airport; the Covered Car Park provides 2,000 parking slots in multi-level covered parking areas. There is a height restriction of 2.3 metres.

For 20 minutes or less parking time, the rate is $2, the cheapest parking rate among other city airport parking rates. For 5-hour to 24-hour parking, the price is flat at $25. For four-day parking, the rate is $99.00 and an additional of $13.00 per day if exceeding four days.

Open Air Car Park

The Open Air Car Park provides 900 slots for outdoor parking with fees starting at $1.50 for 10-20 minutes of parking time. A $19.00 flat rate is charged for 5-24 hours of parking time, and a maximum of $57.00 for a three-day parking period. Each additional day following that will cost $10.00 per parking space.

As part of their promo, on weekends, from 3:00pm on Fridays until 10:30pm on Sundays, parking in the Open Air Car Park will cost only $30 for your whole parking duration. Disabled car park spaces are available for both the Covered Car Park and Open Air Car Park.

Off-site Airport Car Park

The starting rate of Canberra Airport car park is definitely cheap compared with car park prices in most airport car park facilities; however, restrictions still apply and once you park for at least 5 hours, the flat rate is slightly more costly. The maximum number of days for the packages is also limited to four days which means you will need to be paying more the longer you stay, unlike if there were 7-day parking options that could be greatly preferable for travellers who will spend longer holidays away from the city.

For these reasons, you might want to consider off-site airport parking services, which may not be inside the airport, but still close to the vicinity, and just as secure. You can use Park Fly Drive to get a list of car parks, compare rates and book online.

Some highlights of off-site airport parking include:

Choice of indoor or outdoor parking spaces. There are undercover parking and outdoor parking areas that are both secure and well maintained. The rates for each area vary but both are affordable.

Highly-secured parking facilities. Parking premises are safe 24/7 with special apparatus installed to tighten security. This includes proper lighting in the parking areas and installation of high-quality surveillance cameras that helps to monitor the whole location all the time.

Convenient service hours. Parking facilities business hours are adjusted for the convenience of the travellers. Most of the car parks are open prior to the day's first flight and only close after the last evening flight. This is to ensure you meet your scheduled flights without the rush. Check with your car park regarding specific business hours.

Maintenance and auto care services. You can optionally have your car maintained with the airport's basic exterior cleaning or interior car care services for a small fee. Services and rates vary depending on supplier.

Valet parking. Getting excited for your flight? Just drop off your keys and they can park the car for you. Rates may apply for some suppliers.

Airport transfer services. If you are not sure how to reach the airport after parking your car or if you don't want any hassles when retrieving your car after your flight, it is all handled for you! Most parking facilities provide airport shuttle services. The transfer to and from Canberra Airport is usually included in your parking package. You can also confirm with the supplier for details.

Book Your Affordable Parking Now

Use Park Fly Drive’s booking service to search for off-site airport car parks in Canberra. With our detailed listing, you can compare prices before you book. The online booking facility makes the process fast, easy and secure so there will be no long waits. Booking details will be emailed to you after the booking is processed.